What happens in a bookstore when the doors close and the last customer leaves?

There’s a very neat video out right now about the dancing and mayhem that happens when everyone is gone. Type Bookstore in Toronto at 883 Queen Street West, posted the video which this morning had more than 600,000 views. Using stop-motion, the team of volunteers who put the video together made the books and pens and notebooks in the store come to life.

It’s a great message that books, real tactile paper books, have a life that can’t be recreated. I love my e-Readers and do most of my reading via tablet screens. But I will be sad if a waterproof e-Reader ever gets developed as there’s nothing like reading in the bath.

After watching this video, I went to an independent bookstore and spent time browsing and purchasing books. (Anyone read Daisy Goodwin’s The American Heiress yet?) No matter where I go in the world, visiting a bookstore or a library is one of the best part about traveling to a new place.


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