In the footsteps of Heidi in the Swiss Alps

MAIENFELD, SWITZERLAND — The alpine meadows. The soaring mountains. The cute little goats with bells around their necks, chiming away in the shadow of a hillside chalet.


This Week in Literary History: August 16 to August 24

August 16: Peggy Marsh, better known as Margaret Mitchell, the Pulitzer Prize winning author of Gone With The Wind dies on this day in 1949.


This Week in Literary History: August 11 to 15

August 11: Blows are exchanged between Ernest Hemingway and Max Eastman in Maxwell Perkins’ office on this day in 1937 after Hemingway rips open his shirt to show he really does have chest hair.


Literary Places Book Review: Butterfly's Child.

Butterfly’s Child by Angela Davis-Gardner Random House Review by Literary Places The story isn’t over when the spurned Asian wife kills herself.


This Week in Literary History August 3 to August 8

The Writer’s Museum in Edinburgh dedicated to the works of Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Walter Scott and Robert Burns.



In the footsteps of Scarlett O'Hara and Gone With The Wind

Atlanta, GEORGIA – They call themselves “Windies”, fans so inspired by just one book that they wear re-created costumes, quote whole scenes and name their children Bonnie.



Literary Travel: Civil War and the story behind the photograph

The American Civil War was the most devastating conflict the United States ever endured.


This Week in Literary History: July 26 to August 4

July 26: On this day in 1848, Ivan Turgenev witnessed the collapse of the Revolution in Paris which he will use as material later for his novel RudinRudin published in 1855.


Special This Day in Literary History to my sister

For Christmas one year, my sister Anne gave me a book about important dates in literary history.


This Week in Literary History: July 19 to July 25

July 19: On the advice of his lawyers, Emile Zola flees Frances following his conviction for libel after making accusations of a cover-up by the military.