In the footsteps of Heidi in the Swiss Alps

MAIENFELD, SWITZERLAND — The alpine meadows. The soaring mountains. The cute little goats with bells around their necks, chiming away in the shadow of a hillside chalet.



In the footsteps of Scarlett O'Hara and Gone With The Wind

Atlanta, GEORGIA – They call themselves “Windies”, fans so inspired by just one book that they wear re-created costumes, quote whole scenes and name their children Bonnie.



In the footsteps of Harry Potter, Hogwarts and Scotland

Glenfinnan, SCOTLAND – This country’s most famous viaduct sneaks up on you, a curve veering into a landscape that was only a passing glimpse sideways on a journey.


In the footsteps of the real life Sherlock Holmes - Happy Birthday to Dr. John H. Watson and a visit to Edinburgh

Edinburgh, SCOTLAND – Had he lived and had he been a real person, Dr. John H. Watson, Sherlock Holme’s faithful companion, would have been 159 years old today.



In the Footsteps of Kurt Wallander - Ystad, Sweden

Ystad, SWEDEN — It’s barely dawn over the Baltic Sea and the morning light brings into view my first crime scene.


In the footsteps of the Civil War - the Northern perspective

Baltimore, MARYLAND – The first bloodshed in the Civil War occurred here in Baltimore not on a battleground between Union and Confederate soldiers but when a riot broke out.


In the footsteps of the Civil War - Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, VIRGINA — The woman at the Confederate museum gift shop eyes the $50 bill I try to hand over.


In the footsteps of the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature

Varmland, SWEDEN – One of Sweden’s greatest writers, Selma Lagerlof, the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, was born in this historic province.


In the footsteps of McTeague - San Francisco's Tenderloin Neighbourhood

San Francisco, CALIFORNIA – Elijah Glasper knocks on his own door before pushing it open into a wide wedge, allowing light from the hallway.


In the footsteps of Chinese migrants arriving in the U.S. - Angel Island, California

Angel Island, CALIFORNIA — Documentary filmmaker Eddie Wong thought he had discovered something unusual to show his father when he went to Angel Island in 1971