My humans in Big Honey Dog (Part 2)

These are excerpts from the Big Honey Dog blog – by Honey the Great Dane, who recounts what her humans did when they went on a Big Flying Machine and flew to visit the faraway place called France. These are their adventures in the French capital… . . . ****** . After a ‘wild night’ at the Moulin Rouge 😉 , my humans and their mummies got up early the […]


My Humans in guest poster Big Honey Dog (Part 1)

These are excerpts from my friend writer Hsin-Yi Cohen who lives in Australia. She is the creator and writer of the popular Big Honey Dog blog . This is the first of three parts. Please check out Hsin-Yi’s blog to read more adventures. The second and third parts will run over the next two weeks which will include her long-awaited literary visit to the Notre Dame Cathedral for one of […]