This Week in Literary History: Oct. 24 to Nov. 2

Oct. 24: In 1958, Raymond Chandler begins work on his last book, a Philip Marlow mystery, completing four chapters of The Poodle Springs Story before his death a year later.


Whatcha reading these days?

After my trip to Wales, I picked up Andrew Lycett’s excellent biography Dylan Thomas. A New Life to re-read.


This Week in Literary History: August 11 to 15

August 11: Blows are exchanged between Ernest Hemingway and Max Eastman in Maxwell Perkins’ office on this day in 1937 after Hemingway rips open his shirt to show he really does have chest hair.


This Week in Literary History: June 12 to June 19

June 12: In 1827, Johanna Spyri, creator of Heidi is born in Hirzel, Canton Zurich. For those who only knew the Hollywood version of Heidi in the form of Shirley Temple, may imagine it was all buttercups and meadows. The books are much darker as was Spyri’s life.