Today in Literary History Aug. 9: Anne Elliot born, Melville escapes, de Saint-Exupery goes missing

1787: On this day, Anne Elliot, second daughter of the vain and imperious Sir Walter and his wife Lady Elizabeth, was born in Kellynch Hall, Somersetshire. While her fictional counterpart Elizabeth Bennett is considered Jane Austen’s most famous creation, Anne Elliot has her many fans, including me, who found her a more realistic character and the one, in my opinion, who was the most credible and likeable. 1842: After being […]


Wilde's hotel, Austen's Bath and other places in and around London to stay this summer

Want to go to the Summer Olympics in London but wary of hotel prices? There’s still rooms to be had but prices are going up and even cabinet ministers like Bev Oda may find costs a little steep. The Cadogan Hotel in London which celebrates its 125th anniversary this year has availability still for the Games. Oscar Wilde stayed in room 118 when he was arrested in 1895 and charged […]


This Week in Literary History: Oct. 24 to Nov. 2

Oct. 24: In 1958, Raymond Chandler begins work on his last book, a Philip Marlow mystery, completing four chapters of The Poodle Springs Story before his death a year later.