Wilde's hotel, Austen's Bath and other places in and around London to stay this summer

Want to go to the Summer Olympics in London but wary of hotel prices? There’s still rooms to be had but prices are going up and even cabinet ministers like Bev Oda may find costs a little steep. The Cadogan Hotel in London which celebrates its 125th anniversary this year has availability still for the Games. Oscar Wilde stayed in room 118 when he was arrested in 1895 and charged […]


Literary History Today Feb 28: Henry James dies in London

Henry James dies in London at the age of 72 on this day in 1916 after suffering a stroke two months earlier. As a young boy, James was tutored by governesses and shuttled back and forth between Europe and America. He went to Harvard Law School and was set to be a “man of letters” writing criticisms and essays. But today, James is most well-known as a novelist and with […]


A Walk on the Wild Side of Hong Kong

HONG KONG—Most first-time visitors to Hong Kong spend their days in this city of skyscrapers looking up and dodging the crush of people.


Changi Beach in Singapore: Beautiful and haunting

CHANGI BEACH, SINGAPORE — By daylight and by moonlight, this is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Asia Pacific and it has one of the most horrific histories of any place.


Spooky Places: Deacon Brodie's Edinburgh

Drink a toast to the man who inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to write The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde but don’t leave him your keys.


Spooky Places: Burritt Alley, San Francisco

Walk through Union Station, Chinatown and the Tenderloin in San Francisco and although everything is in colour, the black and white world of Dashiell Hammett.


Spooky Places: The Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Virginia

After one semester at the University of Virginia where he racked up gambling debts, Poe and the family that took him in parted ways and he was left on his own.


Baltimore: Death of Edgar Allan Poe

BALTIMORE — No one was suppose to grieve the death of Edgar Allan Poe. The man who penned the writer’s obituary tried his best to make sure no one would remember Poe favourably.


Hong Kong hustle, post-Wales serenity

HONG KONG — I cannot think of two countries more different than Hong Kong and Wales.


Traveling 9/11/11 and 31/12/99

My assignment on the turn of the millennium was to be in the air at the stroke of midnight.