One last trip this month and off tonight eastwards for pieces about Soho and the Czech Republic.

A big change from dodging beer bottles and burning garbage cans while covering the post Stanley Cup riots in Vancouver this past week.

Getting mind back on track for travel writing. Would love any suggestions on where to go and what to see in those two places.

Ending this week on a sweet note after Wednesday night’s mayhem.

Here’s a photo of my friend Richard Lam with his new friends, Alexandra Thomas and Scott Jones.

They’re the couple who were photographed kissing in the middle of the riot and there was a huge worldwide search to uncover the identity of this mysterious couple.

Rich took the amazing and beautiful picture of them for Getty Images and then on Friday took their picture again for the Toronto Star.

Alex and Scott have been overwhelmed by the response to the picture. They’ve received hundreds of requests from the media and turned down all expense paid trips to NYC to appear on morning shows. They didn’t expect to be the subject of all this attention and just want their lives back.

Rich too has been subjected to worldwide attention because of the photograph. He could have chosen to exploit this situation to make money for himself and money off Alex and Scott, but did not. He’s a great news photographer with an eye for the beautiful shot even in the midst of chaos.

Alex and Scott are on their way for a well-deserved vacation. I wish them a happy life together.


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