Glasgow birthplace of Thomas Campbell

July 26: On this day in 1848, Ivan Turgenev witnessed the collapse of the Revolution in Paris which he will use as material later for his novel RudinRudin published in 1855.

July 27: Thomas Campbell, poet, born in Glasgow in 1777.

July 28: On this day in 1814, Percy Bysshe Shelley, already married to Harriet Westbrook, elopes to France with Mary Wollstonecraft.

July 29: Gold Rush and Jack London gets bitten by the fever of it departing on this day in 1897 from Sam Francisco on board a boat heading to the Klondike.

July 30: Fighting near the Western Front on this day in 1918, poet Joyce Kilmer is killed in action.

July 31: Forced to stand in the pillory in London’s Temple Bar after offending authorities with his essay The Shortest Way with Dissenters Daniel Defoe encounters a sympathetic crowd who throws flowers instead of mud.


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